zoltek-carbonfiber CDF-260T-C


ItemCDF-260T-CColorDark Silver
Base FabricPET RipstopCompositionPET62%+Cu25%+Ni13%
Width1080 mmCoatingNi+Cu+Ni
Weight75 gsmHeat Resistence95-125℃
Thickness0.1 mmFriction Resitence10000 times
Surface Resistivity≤0.03 Ω/sqShielding Performance>60 dB

This is 0.1mm thickness high strength ripstop conductive fabric. It has high RFID shielding performance. Suitable for luggage, wallet and touch screen glove lining fabric. Ues for electromagnetic protection in communication industry and medical radiation area.


- For high frequency electromagnetic shielding. Applied in industrial high frequency furnace, mobile communication, medical instruments and etc.

Used for making the high frequency electromagnetic shielding room instead of copperplate, aluminum plate. With popular price, simple fabrication and great shielding performance.

-For high grade electromagnetic shielding. Applied to control space EMI, prevent electronic information leakage and ensure the safety of information and staff. Suitable for field operations and electronic defense. Widely used as inside lining of RFID block bag, wallet, credit card holder.

-Suitable for machining the I/O interface gasket and various shielding pads. Can replace the conductive sponge

-Used for making shielding clothing, making anti-static clothing, making shielding curtain and making radiation-proof cell phone bag, etc. But only can be used for lining when making clothing.