Breathable Film 0.015mm

Composite fabricsis one layer or layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and functional materials by the bonding joint of a new type of material. TPU composite fabrics and ordinary composite fabrics (in the fabric and material through adhesive bonding, so as to improve the fabric texture, suitable for garment processing production process simplified and scale) and functional composite materials (after composite fabric with waterproof and moisture permeable, radiation resistance, washing resistance, resistance to wear and other special function).

When the TPU coating in the clothing fabric, generally divided into three types, low breathable, normal breathable,high breathable. This mainly refers to the moisture transmission, waterproof is generally more than 10000 Pa.

In general, the following 2000Pa of the moisture permeability is called as low breathable. About 2000-8000Pa is normal breathable. Over 8000Pa of the moisture permeability is called as high breathable.