zoltek-carbonfiber N66-30D-A Ripstop


Nylon 66 Paraglider Fabric

ItemN66-30D-AComposition100% Nylon66
Weight37 gsmDensity240T
Width150-154 cmStyleDouble Ripstop
Tearing Strength58N (Warp)Tensile Strength420N (Warp)
(ISO 13937.2)48N (Weft) (ISO 13934.1)410N (Weft)

This fabric composed of high density and high strength fiber, coated with double-side silicone. It has good softness, high tensile strength and high tearing strength, zero permeability, corrosion resistance, anti-aging properties, anti ultraviolet radiation and good abrasion resistance. This ripstop nylon fabric is widely used as powered paragliding material.