Aramid Fabric

Aramid is characterized by high temperature resistant performance is good,you can use for a long time at 220 ℃ high temperature aging, electricalproperties and mechanical properties can keep ten years, the effectiveness ofthe excellent dimensional stability, at about 250 ℃ hot shrinkage rate is only1%, in a short period of time will not shrink 300 ℃ high temperature exposurenot embrittlement, to soften or melt, only in the strong temperature higherthan 370 ℃ starts to break down, at the beginning of the 400 ℃ hard carbide,high thermal stability was not seen in other places of organic heat resistantfiber.

Kevlar fibers with high strength, high modulus and high temperatureresistant, acid and alkali resistant, light weight excellent performance, its strength is 5 ~ 6times that of the steel wire, steel wire or fiber glass modulus of 2 ~ 3 times,toughness is 2 times the line, the weight only 1/5 of the wire.