Packraft TPU Coating

A simple comparison between Polyether and Polyester based PU products

Polyether based material has following characteristics:

1.Fungus Resistance.

2.Low temperature flexibility.

3.Excellent hydrolytic stability.

4.Resistance to weak Acids/Bases.

5.Recommended for applications undergoing medium to high stress.

6.Burst Pressure Resistance: About the same as Ester basedtubing.

7.Polyether-based polyurethanes remain stable in water aswarm as 50℃ (122℉) for long periods. Not recommended for running water over 70℃(158℉). Water absorption is a very low 0.3% to 1% by weight, and volume swell is negligible.

8.Demonstrate better durability than Ester material basedproducts (around 5 years, versus the 3 years shelf life of Polyester based products,i.e. tubing).

9.Generally more expensive than Polyester based material.

10.Moisture resistance for pneumatic application.

Soft Shell Fabricis a high-grade functional fabrics, is the windproof to keep warm, high resistance to friction, waterproof, high steam moisture permeability, resistance to acid and alkali. Especially the function of waterproof and moisture permeable TPU,  composite fabrics, compared with ordinary waterproof fabrics through steam is more soft, strong stripping fastness, resistance to tear, and many other advantages.

Polyester based material has following characteristics:

1.Excellent Oil resistance.

2.Excellent Abrasion resistance.

3.Burst Pressure Resistance: About the same as Ether basedtubing

4.Polyester-based polyurethane tubing is generally strongerand enjoys cost advantage over Polyether based PU tubing.

5.Not recommended for use in high humidity or exposure towater, as volume swell and reduction of properties may result.

The TPU coated fabric with high gas tightness, high windproof, high waterproof,  moisture breathable, warm, ageing resistance, freezing resistance, resistance to friction. And other functions. To keep your body dry and comfortable for a long time. TPU composite fabrics  products soft, high peel strength, washable, hydrolysis resistance, low temperature resistance, waterproof and moisture permeable stable physical properties.