zoltek-carbonfiber N66-210D-A


Nylon 66 Peel Ply Fabric

ItemN66-210D-AComposition100% Nylon 66
Weight94 gsm
Density (Y/cm)19x19
Width100-180 cmStylePlain Woven
Tensile Strength
1500N (Warp)Tearing Strength130N (Warp)
(ISO 13934.1)1500N (Weft)(ISO 13937.2)95N (Weft)
Usage: Nylon 66 release fabric is high strength nylon fabric. It has high tensile strength and high tearing strength, zero permeability, anti corrosive, anti-aging properties, anti ultraviolet radiation, good abrasion resistance. Now this nylon peel ply fabric has been widely used in mold release material, placed between the mold and the blank part to prevent grease from adhering to the mold. Its role is mainly to facilitate stripping, to ensure smooth structural parts.