zoltek-carbonfiber Silver Coating

Silver Coating Conductive Fabric is coated with silver. It's soft and comfortable to wear. Used for making anti-radiation cloth or home textiles.

Anti Radiation Performance
Silver has good conductivity, the properties of conductive metal are generally several times and even hundreds of times, based on the principle of conductive anti radiation. Silver fabric is an excellent material for shielding electromagnetic radiation.

Anti-static Property
Due to the highly conductive silver which has electromagnetic shielding function, this fabric will quickly eliminate static electricity caused by friction, so that the product has no static comfort. The silver fiber can be very fast and efficient to fax out. It also can protect the body from electromagnetic wave against (pregnant women may protect the fetus from electromagnetic wave pollution).

Strong Deodorant (ANTI-ODOR)
Mildew-proof deodorization function. Bacteria will make the body odour, but silver ions to silver fiber surface can very quickly be ammonia and deterioration of the protein adsorption onto which reduce or eliminate the odor.

Strong Antimicrobial (ANTI-MICROBIAL)
The mechanism of metal silver sterilization is blocking the physiological processes in bacteria. In warm and humid environment, silver ions have very high bioactivity. This means that silver ions can easily combine with other substances, which makes the bacterial membrane protein coagulation, there by blocking the respiratory and reproductive process of bacterial cells. The environment is more warm and humid, silver ion activity is more strong.

All Natural (ALL NATURAL)
Silver fiber with "silver" is a kind of natural elements in nature formed, no general chemical products toxicity.
Promoting blood circulation, regulating body temperature, good for health care.