zoltek-carbonfiber CDF-SF1


ItemCDF-SF1Weight83 gsm
Shielding Performance55-70 dBCompositionPolyester25% + Silver48% + Modal27%
Surface Electric Resistance<10 Ω/cmThickness0.22 mm
Shielding Frequency99.99% blockingWide1.5 m

This is Silver+Modal woven fabric. It has anti-radiation and anti-odor,anti-bacterial performance. It is soft and comfortable for making home textile.


- Sliver fiber canantibacterial deodorant and to regulate body temperature. Suitable for makinghealth socks, underwear, pajamas, T-shirt, etc.

- Suitable for home textile, especially for humanbody contact frequently bedding, such as sheets, bedding bag, sofa cloth,curtain and so on.

- High frequency electromagnetic shielding. Forelectromagnetic protection in communication industry, medical radiation area.Replacing copper plate, aluminum plate.

- Making medical supplies, like surgical gowns,bandage, masks.

- For army equipment and outdoor sports products.

- Conductive Silver Fabric can make intoRFID fabric and EMF fabric.