Our products are made of nylon 66 210D fabric, dyeing and printing process through special processing after TPU coating process, so the product has high tensile, tear and glass strength. In addition, the use of special custom TPU, the products have good water resistance, the production of inflatable boats can be applied to fresh water and sea water andother environmental.

ItemN66-210D+TPU0.08mm+TPU0.08mmYarn Count210Dx210D
Composition100% Nylon66CoatingTPU(Double Side) 0.08mm
Width1.45 mStylePlain
Weight399 gsmColorCustomizable Pantone Color


- Nylon 66 has excellent mechanical properties, high strength, good toughness, and very light, suitable for making parachute, paraglider, etc.

- Nylon 66 has great frictional resistance, good flexibility, is a suitable fabric for hammock.

- Because of nylon 66's good corrosion resistance, mould proof and moth-proofing performance, it's suitable for raft.

- Making military clothes, like flak jacket, flak vest, etc.

Inflatable boat products are mainly used for fishing, rafting and other recreational activities on the water, and therefore requires a high air tightness, wear resistance, water resistance of the material production. Our fabric with nylon 66 as raw materials, through special dyeing and finishing, abrasion, tensile and tear strength is very high, and light weight, easy to carry; the special custom TPU, through high temperature welding, the product has good sealing performance; can adapt to various environments such as seawater and freshwater, with good hydrolysis resistance.