zoltek-carbonfiber N66-840D-A


Nylon 66 Military Bag Fabric

ItemN66-840D-AComposition100% Nylon 66
Weight191 gsmDeasity (Y/cm)10x9
Width150-154 cmStylePlain Woven
Tensile Strength3300N (Warp)
Tearing Strength707N (Warp)
(ISO 13934.1)2800N (Weft)(ISO4674.1)628N (Weft)
Usage:  Nylon 66 airbag fabric is high strength nylon fabric. It has high tensile strength and high tearing strength, zero permeability, anti corrosive, anti-aging properties, anti ultraviolet radiation, good abrasion resistance. Now this PA66 fabric has been widely used in airbag fabric.The electronic airbag system can reduce the head injury rate by 25% and the facial injury rate by about 80%.