zoltek-carbonfiber N66-210D-B


Nylon 66 Packraft Fabric

ItemN66-210D-BComposition100% Nylon 66
Weight135 gsm
Density (Y/cm)28x24
150-154 cmStyle
Plain Woven
Tensile Strength2300N (Warp)Tearing Strength130N (Warp)
(ISO 13934.1)2000N (Weft) (ISO 13937.2)126N (Weft)
Usage: Nylon 66 packraft fabric is high strength nylon fabric. It has high tensile strength and high tearing strength, zero permeability, anti corrosive, anti-aging properties, anti ultraviolet radiation, good abrasion resistance. Now this tpu material nylon 66 fabric has been widely used in packraft, raft, kayak, inflatable boat material. We can according to your request to coated different thinckness of the TPU/PU/TPE coating.