Normal Breathable TPU Fabric


ItemNormal Breathable TPU FabricBase Fabric100% Polyester
Yarn100D x 100DDensity (cm)30x23
Weight110 g/m2Width (cm)150
StyleWoven PlainCoatingTPU 4000/4000mm
Characteristic: Windproof, High Resistance, Waterproof, Steam Moisture Permeability
This item is only made to order. Please contact us for details. You can order any other color.

Soft shell fabric is a high grade functional fabrics, is the windproof to keep warm, high resistance to friction, waterproof, high steam moisture permeability, resistance to acid and alkali. Especially the function of waterproof and moisture permeable TPU, composite fabrics, compared with ordinary waterproof fabrics through steam is more soft, strong stripping fastness, resistance to tear, and many other advantages.