Blackout Fabric

  • Blackout Fabric

    Woven blackout fabric mainly use black yarn and double weave to block the light, it could be 90% light blackout, very soft hand feeling, widely used for home, hotel curtains. Coated blackout fabric mainly use black PU coating which could blackout 100% light, it could be waterproof, flame retardant, widely used for outdoor tents, photography background, umbrella.

  • Photography Fabric

    Photography fabric usually use polyester or nylon fabric with gold/silver/aluminum lamination, with high reflective, waterproof features, widely used for photography fabric, screen fabric, it also can be used for garment.

  • Luminous Fabric

    Luminous fabric is weaved with luminous fiber which can make the fabric shining in the dark, it has plain and ripstop style, widely used for garments.

  • Awning Fabric

    Awning fabric use polyester or nylon fabric with PA or PU coating, it has waterproof, windproof features, widely used for tent fabric, screen fabric, etc.