zoltek-carbonfiber Anti-Radiation Fabric

  • Nickel+Cooper Coating

    Ni+Cu coating conductive fabric is based on polyester fabric coat with Nickel and Copper. It is ultra thin and has ultra signalshielding performance. CDF-210T-A, CDF-230T-A, CDF-260T-C these three items are best selling products and all in stock.

  • Silver Coating

    Silver coated fabric is coated with silver. Compared with the Ni+Cu coating fabric, silver fabric is more soft, has antibacterial and deodorant function. It can be in direct contact with our skin, suitable for making the radiation-proof clothes, bedding, masks etc.

  • Conductive Tape

    Conductive tape has highly conductive, signal block, EMF protection and RFID shielding performance, can be processed to shielding gasket of any geometry shape, replace the conductive sponge.

  • Metal Yarn Fabric

    Metal yarn fabric is weaves with metal yarn, has anti-static function.