Packraft TPU Coating

Packraft fabric uses high-strength nylon as the base fabric with polyether TPU coating. All of these fabrics are perfectly glueable and weldable by HF or Hot Air. Packraft fabric has the following characteristics:

  1. High abrasion

  2. High puncture resistance

  3. High UV stability

  4. Perfect for durable inflatable with water contact

Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) is unique category of plastic created when polyaddition reaction occurs with one or more disocyanate, it’s firstly developed in 1937.

There are two main chemical classes of TPU: Polyester and Polyether

  1. Polyester TPU

    Polyester TPU is compatible with PVC and other polar plastics, offering value in the form of enhanced properties, it’s unaffected by oils and chemicals, provide excellent abrasion resistance,  good balance of physical properties, perfectly used in polyblends.

  2. Polyether TPU

    Polyether TPU is slightly lower in specific gravity than polyester and polycaprolactone grades. It have low temperature flexibility , good abrasion and tear resilience. It’s also durable against microbial attack and provide excellent hydrolysis resistance which making them suitable for applications where water is a consideration.