zoltek-carbonfiber CDF-230T-A


ItemCDF-230T-ABase Fabric100% Polyester
Yarn50D x 50DDensity (Inch)230T
Weight75 g/m2Width (cm)110cm-130cm
StyleWoven PlainCoatingNickel + Copper
Thickness (mm)0.08mm±0.02 mmSurface Resistivity≤0.05 Ω
Shielding Performance>60dB (30MHz-3GHz)

Characteristic:  Highly Conductive, Signal Block, RFID Shielding, EMF Protection
This item is available in stock and can also be customized. Please contact us for details.

This fabric is a great choice if you are looking for a highly conductive plain fabric, which has signal block, RFID shielding and EMF protection performance. It is suitable for anti radiation wallet.

The plain conductive fabrichas good conductive performance, strong adhesion of the metal layer, and has the characteristics of efficient radiation protection, high adhesion, high corrosion resistance and high ductility.

Plain conductive fabric is suitable for electromagnetic shielding, anti-static and grounding of various electronic equipment. It has various forms and is widely used in communication, computer, automatic control equipment and other electronic products manufacturing industry. For example, telecom center, satellite ground station, mobile phone and tablet internal structure. It can also make RFID wallet, card bag, outdoor Fanny pack, its metal layer can effectively block the signal source. It can effectively suppress the electromagnetic wave signal interference from the surrounding working environment in the shielded computer room, test room and laboratory, and provide effective protection for the daily operation of electronic instruments and equipment systems.