zoltek-carbonfiber CDF-260T-C


ItemCDF-260T-CBase Fabric100% Polyester
Yarn50D x 50DDensity (Inch)260T
Weight71 g/m2Width (cm)110cm - 130cm
StyleWoven RipstopCoatingNickel + Copper
Thickness (mm)0.09mm±0.02mmSurface Resistivity≤0.05 Ω
Shielding Performance>60dB (30MHz-3GHz)

Characteristic:  Highly Conductive, Signal Block, RFID Shielding, EMF Protection
This item is available in stock and can also be customized. Please contact us for details.

Square shape EMF protection fabric has high conductive signal block and RFID shielding performance, suitable for luggage lining and special conductive products.

The grid conductive fabric has lower resistance and better conductivity than the ordinary plain conductive fabric. The grid conductive fabric can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation and has good conductivity and shielding effect. The anti-friction strength can reach 5 million times, it is the optimal fabric for anti-radiation and shielding signals, it can effectively protect people from electromagnetic wave damage.

It can be used for high-level electromagnetic shielding, such as: shielding tents, radiation shielding clothes, military information security equipment, effectively prevent electronic information disclosure, ensure information security. In the aspect of civil protection, such as the residential households near the signal tower and transmitting base station, it can effectively shield the high frequency electromagnetic radiation generated by TV and radio transmitter tower, mobile phone base station and radar at the surrounding environment, and provide a safe and healthy living environment for human beings. In electronic equipment, it is widely used in mobile phone, tablets, notebook and equipment internal structural parts, such as: FPC (flexible printed circuit board), PCB (printed circuit board), loudspeaker, antenna, camera and other modules electromagnetic shielding and electrostatic discharge.