zoltek-carbonfiber CDF-BC1


ItemCDF-BC1Material36%Polyester + 36%Cotton + 28%Metal Yarn
Yarn21S x 21SWeight210 g/m2
Width (cm)150StyleWoven Twill
Shielding Performance≥35dB

Characteristic:  Anti Static, Skin Friendly, Dustproof, Metal Yarn Condutive Fabric, Cotton Conductive Fabric
This item is only made to order. Please contact us for details. You can order any other color.

This is metal yarn cotton anti static dustproof fabric, it is skin friendly.

Metal fiber conductive fabric has excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and very good anti-static performance and radiation protection performance.

Metal fiber conductive fabric is mainly used in military industry, can be used to make anti-static cloth, military training cloth, etc. For civil industry, it mainly produces professional radiation protective cloth, mainly for pregnant women and special environmental workers, which plays a significant role in radiation protection and perfectly interprets the characteristics and functions of metal fiber fabrics.