zoltek-carbonfiber CDT-13-50


ItemCDT-13-50Base FabricPET Plain Woven Ni+Cu Coating Fabric
Weight115 g/m2Width (cm)13cm
StyleWoven PlainCoatingGlue + Peel paper
Fabric Thickness (mm)0.08mmTotal Thickness (mm)0.1mm
Characteristic:  Highly Conductive, Signal Block, RFID Shielding, EMF Protection
This item is only made to order. Please contact us for details.

Highly Conductive,Signal Block,RFID Shielding,EMF Protection Sponge Fabric

The conductive fabric tape has the characteristics of good viscosity, strong conductivity, good shielding and anti-interference. Its softness and high quality of conductive medium make it able to stick on any metal surface to complete electromagnetic shielding performance.

It can be used for electronic repair, mobile phone parts, line splicing, punching slicing and so on. It has good conductivity and can be used in electromagnetic shielding and other fields. It can eliminate electromagnetic interference, isolate the harm of electromagnetic wave to human body, avoid voltage and current instability and affect the function of digital electronic equipment, also it prevents spontaneous combustion.