zoltek-fabrics RPET Oxford Fabric


ItemRPET Oxford FabricMaterial100% Recycled Polyester
Yarn600D x 600DDensity (Inch)18x11
Weight219 g/m2Width (cm)150
StyleWoven Plain

Characteristic:  Water Repellant, Flexible, Eco Friendly
This item is only made to order. Please contact us for details. You can order any other color.

RPET oxford fabric is made of recycled environment-friendly raw polyester materials. It is very popular in developed countries like Europe and America for protecting environment to build a green world. The oxford fabric is not easy to fade or deforme. It feels soft and has good water resistance after the coating process,so it can be used to make rain proof products, such as tents, pet nests, car covers, umbrellas. It can also be used to make luggage bags, hiking bags, baby carriages. This fabric has a wide range functions and commonly used in railway, aviation, high-speed rail, shipping, automobile fields. After special coating treatment, It has the characteristics of alkali resistance, acid resistance and water resistance.