zoltek-carbonfiber Conductive Fabric

We have several types about conductive fabric, Base Conductive Fabric, Ni+Cu Coating Conductive Fabric, Black+Ni+Cu Coating Conductive Fabric, Silver Yarn Conductive Fabric and Metal Yarn Conductive Fabric.

Base Conductive Fabric is the base fabric of Ni+Cu Coating Conductive Fabric. It haven't conductive function. Different items have different style, different thickness, different weight.

Ni+Cu Coating Conductive Fabric is made of base conductive fabric, and coated Nickel and Copper. CDF-210T-A, CDF-230T-A, CDF-260T-C these three item is normal products, we have always been inventory. These three items have the same shielding performance, you can choose them about the thickness, style and weight.

Black+Ni+Cu Coating Conductive Fabric is based on Ni+Cu Coating Fabric. Because the customer requirements we changed the color, but the shielding performance is the same.

Silver Yarn Conductive Fabric is weaves with silver fiber. Compared with the Ni+Cu Coating Conductive Fabric, this type is more soft. Suitable for use in the clothes, bedding, etc.