zoltek-carbonfiber N66-420D-B


ItemN66-420D-BMaterial100% Polyamide6,6 (Nylon6,6)
Yarn420D x 420DDensity (cm)21x20
Weight211 g/m2Width (cm)150-154
StyleWoven Plain

Tensile Strength3600N (Warp)Tearing Strength133N (Warp)
 (ISO13934.1)3300N (Weft)  (ISO13937.2)137N (Weft)
Characteristic:  Durable, High Abrasion Resistance, High Tensile Strength, High Tear Resistance, Fire retardant
This item is only made to order. Please contact us for details. You can order any other color.

Durable, strong nylon66 fiber fabric, high tensile and tearing strength, fire retardant, airbag material.