zoltek-carbonfiber N66-210D-B


ItemN66-210D-BMaterial100% Polyamide6,6 (Nylon6,6)
Yarn210D x 210DDensity (cm)28x24
Weight135 g/m2Width (cm)150-154
StyleWoven Plain

Tensile Strength2300N (Warp)Tearing Strength130N (Warp)
 (ISO13934.1)2000N (Weft)  (ISO13937.2)126N (Weft)
Characteristic:  Water Repellant, High Abrasion Resistance, High Tensile Strength, High Tear Resistance, Durable
This item is only made to order. Please contact us for details. You can order any other color.

This fabric can be used to make super light inflatable boats, packrafts, life boats, life jackets and other marine inflatable equipment after being dyed color and treated with seawater resistant TPU coating. Because of its high strength and abrasion resistance properties of nylon66 yarn, its production can stand tough ocean environment and won't be easily cut by rocks or  other sharp objects.

The nylon66 yarn is bright, so when made into lift boat or life jacket, it will be easy to spot when pilots searching and rescuing on the sea.

This high strength fabric type also has lower weight, when applying on light inflatable boats or packrafts, it can be easily folded and packed inside backpack for long distance hiking and adventure.

If this high strength fabric applied with abrasion resistant TPU coating, it can make vary types inflatable medical productions such as medical inflatable mattress, emergence tent, oxygen bag and etc. It helps them stand higher air pressure to increase comfort of mattress, to increase tent stiffness and stability, to let oxygen bag more solid and more contented.

This production uses nylon 6,6 filament yarn weave into a high-strength nylon fabric.It has great properties such as its wear resistance, strong toughness, anti-cut, anti-puncture and also shiny appearance, it’s bright color, clear weaving pattern and solid flat surface.This fabric has a wide range functions and commonly used in military industry, fire protection, ship manufacturing, aviation, heavy industry, outdoor equipment, medical and other fields.

It can be used for various industrial processing, such as equipment waterproof cover, tarpaulin, ventilation duct, dust filter, air bag, anti-cutting clothing, abrasion-resistant clothing, conveyor belt, air inflation device, etc.